There Are No Downsides to Buying a Dashcam for Your Car

The popularity of buying a dashcam is rising, and for a good reason. What does the word dashcam mean? If you’re not familiar with in-car technology, a dashcam is a dashboard camera. This small video recorder mounts either directly to the dashboard or, more often these days, to the front windshield. You may be used to seeing dashboard camera videos depicting road rage or crazy car accidents, but there are a lot of benefits to these gadgets—and not a single concrete downside.

Is a dashcam worth it?

Dash cam installed on a front windshield of a car looking out onto the road ahead. In-car cameras have a lot of benefits

A dash cam in-car camera | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Having a camera mounted on your dashboard or windshield can definitely be worth it, even just for personal enjoyment. It’s fun to be able to replay drives that you’ve taken, especially on a road trip or on a summer cruise along beautiful roadways. Dashcam apps make it even easier to access your footage and review video.

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