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Top perks

Financial strength

Nationwide has a financial strength rating of A+ from A.M. Best, which should provide pet owners with a sense of confidence that coverage will be available when needed.

Exotic pet coverage

Historically, it’s been tough to find a dependable insurer for birds, rabbits, and exotic pets. Nationwide is the only pet insurance company offering such coverage.

Lower medication costs

Nationwide acknowledges how expensive pet medications can be for pet families. The company’s partnership with Walmart will, hopefully, provide low-cost medications for pets that require them.

Policy discount

Once a pet owner has a policy in place for one pet, they can enroll subsequent pets with Nationwide Pet Insurance at a 5% discount.

What could be improved

Wellness coverage not available with all plans

Wellness costs ‐‐ including check-ups, flea and heartworm testing and treatment, and vaccinations ‐‐ can become expensive. It would be nice if Nationwide would make the wellness add-on available on all plans for pets of all ages.

No coverage for spaying or neutering

None of Nationwide’s plans cover spaying or neutering, both of which help control the pet population while protecting the health of pets.

Policies can leave gaps in coverage

Nationwide sets an annual maximum reimbursement amount for each covered condition, so the pet owner is responsible for any amount in excess. Let’s say a pet’s condition is serious enough to incur high medical costs early in a calendar year. If the condition is chronic, the pet owner pays for all medical treatment after that annual maximum is reached until the next year.

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